SOLOS & DUOS Philip Corner, Phoebe Neville, Enrico Malatesta 22.02.12

Philip Corner (1933, Bronx, New York). American composer, now resident in Italy,
of interdisciplinary works that have been performed throughout the world; he is also
active as a performer, visual artist and writer. Mr. Corner studied composition with
Mark Brunswick and musicianship and piano with Fritz Jahoda at the City College
of New York, and composition with Henry Cowell and Otto Luening at Columbia
University. He also studied analysis with Olivier Messiaen at the Conservatoire National
Supérieur de Musique de Paris and studied piano privately with Dorothy Taubman. He
was drafted into the US Army in 1959 and shipped to South Korea in 1960–61, where
he introduced music by himself, as well as John Cage, Olivier Messiaen, Wallingford
Riegger, Anton Webern, and other composers. While there, he also studied calligraphy
with Ki-sung Kim. He has participated in various concerts, exhibitions and festivals
with the name Fluxus since 1961. As a performer of new music, he has been active as a
pianist, trombonist and vocalist and has also played Alphorn and various natural objects,
including resonant metals. He served as a resident composer and musician to the Judson
Dance Theatre in New York from 1962–64. With Malcolm Goldstein and James Tenney,
he co-founded the Tone Roads Chamber Ensemble in 1963, a new music group that
performed until 1970. He co-founded with Julie Winter the music-ritual ensemble Sounds
out of Silent Spaces in 1972 and with Barbara Benary and Daniel Goode Gamelan Son
of Lion in 1976 and often played with both, as well as with the Experimental Intermedia
Foundation in New York. As a writer, he has written numerous articles, essays and
poems, and his major publications include the book I Can Walk through the World as
Music (1966, unpublished; 1980, Printed Editions). He has also used the Korean name
Gwan Pok – Contemplating Waterfall on occasion. He is married to the dancer Phoebe
Neville, with whom he has often collaborated, and has lived in Italy since 1992. Frog
Peak Music distributes all of his music that is currently available.

Enrico Malatesta (Cesena, 1985) is a percussionist active in the field of contemporary,
electro-acoustic and improvised music. He studied classical percussion instruments
at the “Bruno Maderna” Conservatory in Cesena, delving into both the orchestral and
soloist repertoire. His personal activity and research is aimed at the redefinition of the
role of the percussionist in different contemporary areas, studying the acoustic dimension
and the material quality of percussion instruments. Besides his ongoing solo projects, he
also perform works of the soloist repertoire of the 20th Century, including graphic scores
by J.Cage, M.Feldman, K. Stockhausen, E. Brown.
He frequently works with percussionists Christian Wolfarth and Seijiro Murayama
and collaborates, among others, with Giuseppe Ielasi, Michael Vorfeld, Stefano Pilia,
Robin Hayward, Lorenzo Senni, Tristan Honsinger, Urs Leimgruber, Manuel Mota,
John Russel, Paul Lytton, Eli Keszler, Nikos Veliotis, Franz Hautzinger, Dominique
Vaccaro, Luciano Maggiore, Renato Ciunfrini, Jonas Kocher, Katsura Yamauchi, Matija
Schellander, Marco Tabellini, Eugene Chadbourne. His work is released by the Italian
labels Presto!? Records, second sleep, Senufo editions. In 2007 he started working
for “Teatro Valdoca”, a theatre company where, under the direction of Cesare Ronconi,
he had the chance to work with Mariangela Gualtieri, Raffaella Giordano and Danio
Manfredini. He frequently organizes events and concerts with the purpose of improving
the diffusion of contemporary music in his area.