Anthea Caddy 22.04.12

ANTHEA CADDY is a cellist and artist from Melbourne, Australia
currently based in Berlin, Germany. Interested in the relationship
between space, recorded sound and instrumental performance, her work
focuses on her ability to utilise the physical nuances of acoustic
and amplified space. When performing live she uses these techniques
to create a sonic experience that immerses her audience within her
cello, removing the space between audience and performer and allowing
the physical and sonic dimensions of the performance space and
instrument to take centre focus. In live solo performance she often
uses low lighting or complete darkness in multi-channel
configurations re-articulating the sonic space she performs in.

She has performed and exhibited in Australia, New Zealand, USA and Europe
notably at Bludenzer Tage, Austria (2007), Liquid Architecture National Festival, 
Australia (2005,06,09), Diapason Gallery, New York (2009), Leipzig Museum
of Modern Art (2006), Germany, Octubre Centre de Cultura Contemporania,
Valencia (2009), Project Space Gallery, Melbourne (2008), Westspace
Gallery Melbourne (2007), Wroclaw Museum of Contemporary Art, Poland
(2009), Parisonics Festival, Paris (2011),Tesla Centre of Media Arts (2007) and
Radial System V (2010), Berlin. Alongside Thembi Soddell she is profiled in
Experimental Music: audio explorations in Australia edited by Gail Priest published by
UNSW Press 2008.

'Anthea Caddy exploits unconventional surroundings to bring out the
most hidden colours of her instrument, which she's able to transform
into creatures that growl, howl and moan while looking for a far
corner of their short lifespan to affirm their unpredictably menacing
attitude' Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes.