Dear Friends,
we are glad and proud to announce our next events!
Our season continues with three performances embracing different disciplines, formats,
and  dispositifs  through  heterogeneous  approaches  to  music  making  (and  thinking):  a
solo   by composer and saxophone player Antoine Chessex, a live set for typewriters by
Korean  project  group A.Typist (Hankil  Ryu,  lo  wie,  Taeyong Kim),  and  a  performance
conceived  for  this  occasion  by  French  artist  and researcher  Matthieu Saladin.  All  the
events will take place at RAUM (via Ca' Selvatica 4/d, Bologna), in collaboration with Xing

We hope to see you soon.
In the meanwhile, have a good time!


30 January, 10.00 pm

"Multiple, composition for tenor sax and backtape"

Born in Vevey in 1980, Antoine Chessex is a composer and sound artist whose works
assume  a  wide  diversity  of  forms  spanning  compositions  for  ensembles,  solo
performances, sound installations, transdisciplinary projects and crossing the boundaries
between  noise,  modern  composition,  improvisation  and  electronic  music.  His
compositions are characterized by textural density and address the physical dimensions
of sounds and spaces. After relocating to Berlin in 2002, Chessex took parts in a broad
range  of  artistic  projects  while  developing  solo  performances  playing  his  horn  through
electronic devices, guitar amps and PA systems resulting in intense live actions. In recent
years, he has departed from a purely instrumental activity focusing on compositions and
transdisciplinary  projets.  Recent  commissions  include  DUST  for  three  violins  and
electronics, Chute for the Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin, Schichten & Ritournelle
Fulgurante  for  the  oh  ton  Ensemble,  Metakatharsis  for  the  Phoenix  Ensemble
and Furia for the Ensemble Werktag in Zürich. Since 2013, he is the  co­director of the
research  institute  A/positions  in  Lausanne  together  with  historian  and  anthropologist
Thibault Walter. He is also a founding member of the noise band MoNNo with whom he
recorded 4 albums and toured extensively.
Chessex  performed  at  numerous  international  festivals  and  venues  worldwide.  Past
performances include: Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Cafe OTO (London),
Transmediale  festival  (Berlin),  Ultima  contemporary  music  festival  (Oslo),  Videotage
(Hong Kong),  Diapason Gallery (New York),  Issue Project  Room (New York), The  Lab
(San  Francisco),  The  Compound  (San  Francisco),  Tuned  City  festival  (Berlin),  Sonic
Protest  festival  (Paris),  Unsound  festival  (Krakow),  Archipel  festival  (Geneva),  Women
(Los  Angeles),  Ultra  Hang  festival  (Budapest),  Parnassos  concert  hall  (Athen),  Vaal
Gallery (Tallinn), Dom (Moscow), Corsica Studios (London), Sound Forest festival (Riga),
Urban Guild (Kyoto), Urga (Tokyo), Ochiai Soup (Tokyo), Namba Bear (Osaka), center of
contemporary  arts  (Warsaw),  Fundacion  Serralves  (Porto),  Palace  Akropolis  (Prague),
Mezzo  Cielo  Festival  (Roma),  Audio  Art  Festival  (Krakow),  LUFF  festival  (Lausanne),
Ruin Festival (Wien), Echo festival (Belgrade), Sendesaal Bremen, DNK (Amsterdam).



26 February, 10.00 pm

A.TYPIST (Hankil Ryu, lo wie, Taeyong Kim)

A. Typist is a project group formed in 2011 by Korean musician Hankil Ryu and writers lo
wie and Taeyong Kim. The group is interested in the unusual and sudden results of acts
of writing, exploring if writing  can be another way of producing music/non­music works.
Investigating an unknown area between text and sound, they apply sound technology to
old  typewriters  and  their  own  mechanisms  so  that,  in  addition  to  the  original  sound,  a
sound derived from writing is produced. A.Typist's first works – Beckett's Typist, Profile,
and Descriptions for Other Things – have been released as three CD+Book sets in 2011
by The Manual and Mediabus. 



Hankil  Ryu is a musician  interested  in finding  an alternative  musical  structure  in
abandoned  objects  like  clockworks,  typewriters  and  telephones.  After  discovering  the
instrumental possibilities of a typewriter, he started to collaborate with writers lo wie and
Taeyong Kim. Since 2005, he organised a monthly event called RELAY and established
The Manual, his own publishing office.

lo wie has written screenplays and text for video works and now collaborates with other
musicians in making sound by writing text.

Taeyong Kim is a novelist born in 1974 in Seoul, South Korea. He majored in creative
writing  at  the  Graduate  School  of  Soongsil  University  and  currently  is  Professor  of
creative writing at Seoul Institute of the Arts. He has published two books of short stories,
Pig on the Grass (2007) and Pimp Story (2012), and a novel, Straight Out (2010), that
examines the fate of man in a world where language invariably betrays intention, yet there
is  no  choice  but  to  use  language  to retain  thought.  One  of  his  short  stories  has  been
published in France under the name J'etais un Maquereau (2011, Cartouche). In 2008, he
won The Korea Times Literary Award and in 2012 the Moonji Literary Award. 

7 March, 10.00 pm


Matthieu Saladin’s practice results from a conceptual approach, which reflects upon the
history  of  forms,  of  creative  processes  and  social  constructs,  as  well  as  on  the
relationships between art and society from an economic and political perspective. 
He  is  editor­in­chief  of  the  journal  TACET  on  experimental  music  and  sound  art,  and
member of the editorial board of Revue & Corrigée and Volume! He completed a Ph.D. in
Aesthetics (Panthéon­Sorbonne University), teaches philosophy of art at the Haute École
des  Arts  du  Rhin  (HEAR)  and  is  researcher  at  Institut  ACTE,  Panthéon­Sorbonne

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