Matthieu Saladin - Evaporation d’une certaine quantité d’eau - 7.03.14

Matthieu Saladin

Evaporation d’une certaine quantité d’eau

Climatic pièce

with Esteban Ayala, Federico Cataldo, Mario Guida, Valerio Maiolo, Amirabbas Mohammadi, Matthieu Saladin.

Evaporation d'une certaine quantité d'eau is an experimental score for an undetermined number of performers. A collective climatic pièce whose duration is determined by the time of evaporation of water. The performance will be realized at Raum for the first time with the collaboration of young artists and musicians involved in a workshop on the aquatic dimension of sound practices.

Matthieu Saladin’s practice results from a conceptual approach, which reflects upon the history of forms, of creative processes and social constructs, as well as on the relationships between art and society from an economic and political perspective. He is editor­in­chief of the journal TACET, on experimental music and sound art. He is also a member of the editorial board of Revue & Corrigée and Volume! He has got PhD in Aesthetics (Panthéon­Sorbonne University) and he teaches philosophy of art at the Haute École des Arts du Rhin (HEAR). He is researcher at Institut ACTE, Panthéon­Sorbonne University / CNRS.