Pär Thörn 30.10.14

Pär Thörn (born 1977) is a Swedish live­electronic musician, writer and conceptual artist.
He wants to emphasize the mechanical and material aspects of the taperecorder and the unsecure element in the use of radio. The music moves between sinewaves, circuitbending, clicking stroboscopes, metallic sounds, chanting sound poetry and brutal screams that get juxtaposed with the found material of the radios. Thörns record "Schöneberg/Stammheim/Gärdet/Rågsved" (Treffpunkt) got nominated as the best Swedish experimental music record during 2008. Currently he is active in projects with the dancer Takako Suzuki, the turntablist Ignaz Schick, the saxophone player Martin Küchen and the trumpet player Axel Dörner.